Linear Heat Detection Cable

Analog Adjustable series

Analog Linear Heat Detector is a kind of four-core high-performance analog type linear heat detector, with high adapt­ability and high performance-price ratio, which could be widely applied in places of industry. commerce and superheat dangerous area.

Analog Type Linear Heat Detectors

1. Structure and principle of the linear heat detection cable:

Analog Linear Heat Detection Cable is a kind of flexible cable, containing four strands red and white stranded conductors. Its out jacket is made of high temperature resistance PVC and can reinforce the durability and reliability of the cable. If necessary, chemical resistance material and flame resistance outdoor material could be selected for the out jacket, to satisfy the requirements on different environmental occasions. The schematic diagram of the structure of Analog Linear heat detection cable is shown as follows:

Analoge Linear heat detection cable has high resistance and the insulating layers of its four core conductors are made of a kind of special NTC (negative temperature coefficient) material and its electrical control unit could reflect the fluctuation of system temperature by monitoring the fluctuation of material resistance.
While wiring, the two red wires and two white wires are respectively connected to Analoge linear detector Control Unit and are strand-connected at the terminal, which comes a detecting loop.

The system detects the resistance fluctuation of Linear Heat Detection Cable resulted from the fluctuation of circuit tempera­ture. when temperature rises, resistance drops. This fluctuation is monitored through linear detector Control Unit of Linear Heat Detection Cable. When it reaches preset alarm threshold value, there is a alarming signal output. This feature allows the system to have the ability to detect fire in point or in line of whole circuit, which is that the system could detect the temperature fluctuation in certain point as well as certain area.After alarming, it could automatically restore to working condition.
Because the signal of Linear Heat Detection Cable is analog signal, the application length shall not be overlong. Normally we regulate that application length is 200 m. About the application issues, see detailed introduction in following part of the article.

2. Features

• High adaptability: it could be applied in narrow areas ,harsh and hazardous environments;
• Great compatibility, Analog I Linear Detector Control Unit has relay output, which could be connected to various fire alarm control panel mainframes;
• Chemical resistance and abrasion resistance: extrude and make out jacket with high-strength, which could meet different environments;
• Restorability: the linear heat detection cable could automatically reset after alarming (under the situation of fire alarming temperature does not harm linear heat detection cable) , saving much cost for maintenance and operation;
• Multiple monitoring functions :besides normal fire alarm, faulty open circuit or short circuit;
• Interruption resistance: four-core stranded structure has strong ability to resist electromagnetic field interruption Easy installation and simple maintenance.
• There are conventional type, CR/OD type & EP type for Analog Adjustable cable, it is been approved by CE & EAC.

3. Technical parameters

Control Unit

The Linear Heat Detector Control Unit is the controlling equipment used for monitoring temperature fluctuation of linear heat detection cable and being connected to mainframe of intelligent fire alarm control panel.
MS2000-I performs continuous monitoring over fire alarm, open circuit/short circuit in monitored area. These alarming signals are shown on the LCD screen indicators of Control Unit.
Since fire alarm has locking function, Control Unit must be disconnected to power and reset after alarming. While the fault function could automatically reset. it means that after clearing fault, fault signal of Control Unitis automatically cleared.
Control Unit requires DC 24V power supply. While installation, please watch refer to the power capacity and wire types.

1. Features

• Plastic shell: chemical resistance, aging resistance and impact resistance;
• Linear detector interface has liquid crystal display which could show various alarming information on LCD for the convenience of user’s operation.
• Fire alarm simulation and fault simulation could be performed through linear detector interface. System commissioning is east and convenient.
• The detector has high ability of interruption resistance adopting fine grounding measurement, isolation test and software interruption resistance technique. It is able to apply in places with high electromagnetic field interrup­tion.

2. Technical parameters

• Detector Type: Linear heat detector
• Operating Voltage: DC24V
• Allowed Voltage Range: DC 20V-DC 28V
• Standby Current60mA
• Alarm Current80mA
• Alarming Reset: Disconnection reset
• Status Indication: Stable power supply: green indicator
• flashes (frequency at about lHz) Normal Operation:Green indicator constantly lights.
Fixed Temperature Fire Alarm: Red indicator constantly lights Fault:Yellow indicator constantly lights
• Operating Environment: Temperature: -lOC-+S0C
Relative Humidity95%, no condensation
• Outer Shell Protection class: IP66

(l) Wiring introduction

⊗ Among which:

DLI and DL2: connect to DC 24V power without polar connection.
1, 2, 3, and 4: connected to linear heat detection cable. Wiring method is as follows:

COMI NOI: pre-alarm/fault/normal compound output of terminal contacting point EOLl: access point 1 of terminal resistance (matched with input module and corresponds with COMI NOI)
COM2 NO2: fire alarm/fault/normal relay contact multiple output
EOL2: access point of terminal resistance (matched with input module and corresponds to COM2 NO2)

(II)Wiring method for linear heat detection cable

Two red conductors and two white conductors are wired to control unit separately, and have them ended in an electric detecting loop through insulated seal.

Analog Fixed Series

Analog Fixed Temperature Linear Heat Detection System

Analog Resettable Fixed Temperature Linear Heat Detector provides a very­early alarm detecting function to the protected environment, compared with the other kinds of detectors. analogue type Resettable Fixed Temperature Linear Heat Detector can be reset and reused after the alarm, suitable for most industrial, commercial places. The detector has a continuous sensitivity. The sensitivity of linear heat detector will not be influenced by the environment temperature changing and the length of detection cable using.

LHD Cable

1. Classification

1. Features and benefits

• Industrial safety design
• Electrical interface with low power consumption design
• Real-time monitoring
• Fast response time
• Compatible to any kind fire alarm system
• Resettable and reused
• There are conventional type ,CR/OD type & EP type for analogue LHD Adjustable Cable ,it is been approved by CE&EAC.

2. Applications

• Cable tunnel, cable tray & cable channel
• Power transmission
• Cooling tower
• Dust collector
• Oil tank in petrochemical industry
• Gas tank in petrochemical industry
• Highway tunnel & Railway tunnel
• Any commercial places

3. Technical parameter

• Fixed Alarm Temperature: 88°C or 105°C
• External Diameter: 3.8mm/5.0mm
• Number of Cores: 2
• Conductor Diameter:0. 7mm
• Conductor Material: Alloy wire
• Gas tank in petrochemical industry
• Jacket Material: Jacket Material/metal braiding
• Ambient Temp(°C) min-max: -40°C~60/75°C

Control Unit & EOL Box

MS2000-I functions to monitor temperature fluctuation occurred to the cable, and open/short circuit. It connects to Fire Alarm Control Panel through input module.

• Operating Voltage: 24VDC
• Operating Voltage Range: 20VDC-28VDC
• Operating Current: Standby Current: ≤20mA Fire Current: ≤30mA Fault Current: ≤30mA

• Operating environment Temperature: -20°C-+60°C
• Relative humidity: <=96% RH, No Condensation of Moisture
• Resettable and reused
• Output mode: relay
• Output: 1A/24V
• IP Rating : IP65
• Dimensions:180mm X 156mm X 56mm (LXWXH)

• Operating environment: Temperature: -25°C-60°C
• Relative humidity: 95%
• IP Rating : IP65
• Dimensions: 103mm X 83mm X 56mm(L X W X H)